Writing Portfolio


Writing an ‘About’ page is one of the most ironically difficult things I have had to learn how to do – not that I know how to do it yet – as if there is a definitive way of doing it, like writing a blurb at the back of a book. Anyway, I started writing from a very young age and loved the sense of freedom of forming sentences together to express myself. Writing is a formal medium in which the professional world and society conduct its businesses, but I also see it as a mode of self-expression. And I think it’s so important that we express ourselves through writing.

Born in Singapore and partly raised in Bangkok, I studied English for my BA and have a masters in Fashion Journalism. I have worked in Singapore, Bangkok and London and gained experience in the media & publishing, fashion and corporate public relations sectors.

Having worked in various industries with different people from different backgrounds, I see myself as a great team player and strong communicator. My strengths also lie in project management and organisation.

I am interested in entrepreneurship and learning more about the tech industry, as well as business concepts such as ‘Lean Startup’. I am also a foodie.

For fashion/styling imagery, visit http://sohliyin.tumblr.com/. I also blog about food and nutrition at healthlunchbox.blogspot.com.